U2Logic Announces update to Xlr8 Tools

U2Logic has announced an update to their XLr8 Tools platform. U2Logic has been working hard with Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT) the free tool from Eclipse.org.

"When working with BIRT, you need to have BIRT call your UniBasic subroutine to find what your data set is going to look like before you develop your form. This required us to re-think how we write UniBasic code. Your UniBasic code gets execute differently for run mode and setup mode in order to work in BIRT reporting forms and dash boards."

Here is the change log:

v4.2.15 - October 14, 2014
[XLRTOOL-19] - XLr8Framework properties wizard is not big enough to see all of the choices
[XLRTOOL-22] - XLr8Reporter wizard is not allowing the data set to be returned when using BIRT (Part 1)

v4.2.14 - September 16, 2014
[XLRTOOL-20] - XLr8Framework to not allowing Account names to have slashes

v4.2.13 - September 13, 2014
[XLRTOOL-18] - XLr8Editor refactor does not do indirect subroutine calls refactoring correctly

v4.2.12 - September 5, 2014
Added additionally logging when editor project fails to initialize.


Located in Brighton CO.

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