Pick Cloud, Inc. Launches Short Term Server Lease.

Pick Cloud, Inc. the first MultiValue Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider, specializing in both public and private cloud solutions, has introduced short-term server leasing as part of their cloud suite of offerings. No long-term commitments or long-term contracts are required.

According to Mark Pick, CEO and founder of Pick Cloud, Inc. "There is now a cost effective alternative for MultiValue application providers and users to spending a lot of time and money to configure, purchase and set up a server on premise for short-term use. This server usually ends up sitting idle for the rest of the year, depreciating as it does so. With a short-term option for short-term projects you can afford the technology you need without exhausting your cash flow or lines of credit. For as low as $15 per day you get enterprise grade servers and equipment." He also states, "We offer a complete solution with the capability to print securely via the cloud with a product called CirrusPrint, from our valued partners at Synergetic Data Systems, Inc. This makes for an ideal, cost effective, testing and development environment."

Scenarios for short-term leasing:

  • Evaluations and proof of concepts
  • Consolidation and migration
  • As a temporary replacement for a server that is briefly out of commission for repairs or diagnostics so you do not lose information or business.
  • Minimize the impact of application changes, software testing or upgrades to avoid compromising production systems.
  • For disaster recovery - ensure business continuity and rent temporary servers to recover from, flood, fire or theft.
  • And more!
Pick Cloud, Inc

Located in Newport Beach CA. This company also handles the following software for Cloud

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