Ashwood Computer introduces 'Managed Systems Services'

"Having provided on and off-site support services and assistance for our customers since 1989, this was a logical next step for our company." said Rod Owens, President of Ashwood.

"MV computer systems are often managed by professionals who in addition to their information systems duties, are also responsible for accounting, finance and or other departmental or managerial tasks. Most of these individuals would devote more time to improving their information systems but they just do not have sufficient time and resources due to their many other responsibilities.

Ashwood's 'Managed Systems Services' fill a void for companies like this where the current needs do not justify hiring a full time systems assistant.

Working together with and as directed by information system managers, Ashwood provides the assistance required for about 40% of the cost for a full time resource. Choosing Ashwood's 'Managed Services' is an easy decision for our customers. It makes good sense."

Ashwood Computer Company


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