Rocket Software is proud to announce Rocket UniData 8.1

Highlights of This Release Include

64-Bit File Support - Experience increased I/O performance and work with larger file sizes than ever before! No more 2GB limit on file sizes!

64-bit Architecture - Take advantage of the most current hardware without the memory limitations posed by 32-bit software! Eliminate the need to maintain a mixed-architecture environment and see a potential performance benefit when the database is fully cached in memory.

Support for IPv6 - Be ready for the Internet of Things! As the world is running out of IPv4 Internet addresses for all web-enabled devices, IPv6 compatibility provides the ability to create more IP addresses for years to come, and utilizes a more secure data pack in the process.

Replication Performance Monitor - Allows system administrators to monitor traffic, system state, and metrics across multiple publishers and subscribers. Identify performance bottlenecks in real time that could be tuned by changes made in the repconfig settings.

Account Based Licensing - Allows application service providers to manage licenses and allocate based on the account being used. This way you can prevent lower priority accounts from consuming licenses intended for higher priority accounts.

Install / Upgrade Improvements - UniData 8.1 has overhauled its installer and update process in this release, with significant customer input into the design changes. See the UniData Installation Guide for full details!

Security Enhancements - Secure your data with the latest in OpenSSL updates, @ID & Index encryption, and other Automatic Data Encryption improvements.

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