Amtech Celebrates 5 Years of Uptime on jBASE in the Zumasys Cloud

Zumasys, a leading provider of cloud computing and infrastructure solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, announced that Amtech celebrated their 5 th anniversary in the Zumasys Cloud. Amtech is a jBASE user and one of the fastest growing small businesses in the state of Washington. Amtech manufactures custom-molded composites and fiberglass products.

Since 2009, Amtech has relied on PRO:MAN, a real-time ERP tool built on the jBASE database from Zumasys. PRO:MAN is an integrated application that connects and manages nearly all of Amtech's internal operations, from sales through the general ledger, accounts payable, manufacturing, and purchasing.

"Most of the other vendors we talked to were offering a 'one size fits all' approach, and I knew we had a unique situation with our core application. Zumasys offered a concrete solution to what we saw as a very big weakness within our IT environment" says Jacqui Jensen, Controller of Amtech.

"Our PRO:MAN ERP system is the brains of everything," explains Amtech controller Jacqui Jensen. "It gives us incredible visibility into our organization." When Amtech changed ownership in 2009, the company performed a thorough audit of its internal IT systems and process, which revealed significant gaps in disaster recovery for the company's PRO:MAN ERP tool, the heartbeat of the company.

Amtech's PRO:MAN application resided on an on-site server that was backed up nightly to tape. Every week, Jensen herself transported the tapes offsite for safekeeping. In the event of a disaster, Amtech could lose up to a week of critical business data. It could take up to four days to replace Amtech's PRO:MAN server, during which time critical business operations would grind to a halt.

jBASE / Zumasys, Inc

Located in Irvine CA.

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