Wittenberg University Saves Faculty Hundreds of Man-Hours with Integration Software

Kore Technologies is pleased to announce the release of its newest client success story from Wittenberg University. The story encompasses how integration of its Ellucian Colleague system and other applications to a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse saves faculty time and enables students to manage all housing options online.

The university uses a solution called Kourier Integrator from Kore Technologies, a company that provides system integration and data warehousing software specifically for converting data and building Microsoft SQL Server databases. The project began by transforming the data from Colleague's UniData database and normalizing it to an easy-to-use SQL format. Since the initial project, hundreds of hours have been saved in the campus' housing department.

"Kourier Integrator enables the creation of 'one version of the truth' in an operational data store (ODS) that an entire organization can rely upon for consistent reporting," explained Frank Kertai, partner of Kore Technologies. Colleague data is updated in the ODS in near real-time and shared with Microsoft SharePoint and the Affinaquest Salesforce system. Administrators plan to use this data for student retention and recruitment initiatives.

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