Rocket Software Introduces the Rocket Discover Business Intelligence Solution

Rocket Software is pleased to announce the launch of Rocket Discover, a self-service, intuitive data preparation and discovery solution to give business managers and executives the speed and confidence to make key decisions. Rocket Discover allows users to easily access, manipulate, prepare and visualize data to expose insights and help them make critical business decisions that will drive growth and outpace the competition.

"Companies facing critical business issues know that they need to act fast and act smart, but they often don't have the right information at their fingertips to investigate and quickly resolve the problem," says Bob Potter, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Business Information and Analytics at Rocket Software. "While there are many self-service BI solutions on the market, we continue to hear about critical functionality that these solutions lack: self-service data preparation, access to the mainframe, and scalable performance. With this in mind, we built Rocket Discover to be a world-class visual data discovery tool for business users that addressed these gaps."

Now business users can easily access and enrich data from multiple sources - ranging from mainframes to databases to the cloud. With self-service data preparation and discovery in one solution they can get business insight within minutes, not days or weeks. For optimal performance Rocket Discover was engineered with a data-retrieval architecture that combines in-memory performance with live query access, a hybrid approach that can handle today's high volume thresholds.

Today's business professionals know their data, their business challenges, and the need to quickly connect the two to address these challenges. Rocket Discover's emphasis on intuitive design for self-service data preparation and discovery makes this possible. Users can easily interact within a rendering canvas to create visual data process flows and dashboards through simple drag-and-drop movements. And when it's time to collaborate, team members simply drag a dashboard into the chat window for immediate dialogue on strategy and opportunities. Rocket Software has specialized in database connectivity, preparation and solving customer problems for over 25 years, which is why Rocket Discover is differentiated with:

  • Connectivity to disparate data that includes IBM z Systems and IBM Cognos TM1
  • Self-service data preparation and data discovery in one solution
  • Data Lineage for governance
  • High Performance data access for rapid decision making

Jan Baesjou of ABM Systems, a Rocket Strategic Partner, says that Rocket Discover is redefining BI. "We have used Rocket's BI products for over 20 years, and Rocket Discover is the perfect addition to our business planning arsenal. There are plenty of BI tools out there, but most of them focus mainly on dashboarding. Rocket Discover has capitalized on their data preparation IP in which they've excelled at for many years. Having simplified data preparation within a BI solution is a key feature and it is a win for our business users."

"We have been using Rocket Discover for several months, and are impressed with the potential that the application presents," says Rachel Byrom from Oxford City Council. "I come from the IT side of the business, so I'm excited to get Rocket Discover into the hands of as many of our business users as possible. Rocket Discover will allow staff to directly access data and create dashboards that are contextual to their needs, when and how they need it. This will ultimately reduce the number of requests to my team for reports and dashboards, allowing us to focus more on development projects and system improvements."

Subsequent releases of Rocket Discover will continue to capitalize on Rocket Software core competencies by providing additional features in the areas of data connectivity, maximizing the value of the mainframe, increased levels of intelligent guidance during data preparation, and enhanced collaboration.

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