AusVantage V8 takes off

Uniware's community of V8 users have been enjoying all the new features and functions made to their fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and software modules. AusVantage V8 allows transparency across all facets of their organisations enabling accurate and timely decisions to be made.

As Uniware's clients continue to adopt the AusVantage V8 ERP software package, feed-back about the interface, speed, functionality and ease of reporting has been very pleasing.

AusVantage V8 is a flexible and robust system capable of complete file integration with word processing, financial spreadsheets and simple enquiry/ retrieval packages. Equipped with various levels of security access, you can rest assured that sensitive data is protected from unauthorised access.

New features of the AusVantage V8 system include (but not limited to):

  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced functional graphical user interface
  • Reserved custom fields with standard files
  • Enhanced two phase commit for transactional data recovery
  • Ability to re-connect after a network disconnection, without loss of data
  • Field level context sensitive tooltips
  • Normalisation of key database files for easier reporting
  • GridView for report data filtering, selection and integration of data with other tools such as Excel, CSV, PDF or copied to 'clipboard' as required
  • Ability to save report selection criteria for individual users so that report can be run again without input of details
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