Rocket Software is proud to announce Rocket U2 Web DE 5.2.0

Rocket ® U2 Web Development Environment (U2 Web DE) provides a standard way to create objects (Rocket U2 data and business logic) for use in your web and mobile applications.

Monitoring enhancements include features such as a traffic light indicator to illustrate the system's performance statistics, response time tracking, license consumption, and better exception reporting. Along with the logging improvements, this information helps you to stay on top of the health of your system.

And now you can expose your existing web logic for use in mobile applications via RESTful services. We are ready to help you securely take your operations to the next level with Rocket U2 Web DE 5.2.0!

Highlights of This Release Include

  • Monitoring - Keep an eye on your web site responsiveness via traffic light indicators, troubleshoot when faced with high demand, and identify areas to improve or adjust license consumption.
  • Logging Improvements - Quickly identify slow processes, keep track of the distribution of requests across database licenses, and see any database or basic errors that may have occurred. Logs can be set to gather statistics on an adjustable timed basis and can be turned on or off without restarting the scheduler.
  • RESTful Services - Expose your existing web logic and reuse your existing Rocket U2 Web DE RedBack Objects (RBOs) in other applications and processes via RESTful services.
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