QM Release Notification (3.4-2)

Release 3.4-2 of the QM Multivalue Database is now available for download from www.openqm-zumasys.com/downloads or www.openqm.com/downloads.htm .

This release contains minor enhancements requested by our users...

The IPADDR configuration parameter can be used to make QM listen for incoming telnet or QMClient sessions on a specific IP address. This may be useful in situations where multiple separate instances of QM run on the same server.

The QUERY.SORT.NO.CASE mode of the OPTION command makes all sorts within the query processor case insensitive.

The ADMIN.USER command now allows selection of whether a forced account name should be applied to phantom processes.

The CREATE.FILE command now has a MULTIFILE option which causes it to create the data portion of the file as a multifile even if no subfile name is given.

The LIST.INTER, LIST,UNION, LIST.DIFF and MERGE.LIST commands have been modified to give a significant performance improvement when merging large lists.

The TANDEM command can be used by administrative users to monitor another QM session. Because this could be a serious security risk, it must be enabled in the QM configuration parameters.

The query processor COUNT and SELECT commands now support a REPORTING option to display progress information when using a selection clause.

The PARTIAL.EXPRESSIONS setting of the $MODE compiler directive modifies the way in which logical expressions are evaluated such that remaining elements of the expression are not evaluated if they cannot change the result. Without this option, an expression is always fully evaluated.

The PICK.READNEXT setting of the $MODE compiler directive causes the READNEXT statement to leave the record id variable unchanged when taking the ELSE clause.

All variants of the QMBasic LOCATE statement now support an option to force case sensitivity/insensitivity.

The QMBasic MERGELIST() function can be used to merge two field mark delimited sorted lists.

Use of SYSTEM(1071) after a successful OSREAD operation returns a dynamic array of file information similar to that returned by the STATUS statement.

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