XLr8Editor for D3

U2logic is pleased to announce that XLr8Editor is out of beta and ready for general use for D3 database users. XLr8Editor is based on Eclipse IDE, which is used by millions of programmers. This interface requires the installation of MVSP from Rocket Software.

XLr8Editor for D3 features:

  • Continuous compile which compiles your code on the server and returns the resulting errors as you type
  • Eclipse search engine that allow regular expressions
  • Off-line mode to make changes without a database
  • Eclipse Task Tag system to bookmark you code with TODO's or FIXME's that reside on in your workspace
  • Eclipse Version control for programs, dictionaries, and Procs using GIT, SVN, and Team Foundation.
  • XLr8Synchronization engine that allows you to sync your local copies with the database.
  • Colors for keywords, Labels, Comments, Strings, Numbers, and Punctuation.
  • Automatic comparison between your local copy and the database copy
  • Automatic save at specified intervals

Located in Brighton CO.

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