Pavuk Systems announces Pavuk Business Platform 4.0

Pavuk Systems today announced the upcoming release of Pavuk Business Platform (BP) version 4.0. Pavuk BP is a comprehensive development and runtime environment for business applications - applications with a modern, Web 2.0 user interface. With many built in business objects, even non-programmers can create robust database applications.

Pavuk BP 4.0 enables businesses to have best-of breed applications without needing an army of programmers. Business-specific functions, when needed, are written in a high-level BASIC language. Applications written in Pavuk 4.0 run natively in most modern browsers and on both desktop and tablet devices. A mobile interface is scheduled for 2016.

Built on top of the amazing OpenQM database engine, Pavuk 4.0 is amazingly fast and scalable from 10 to over 500 concurrent users. Security and audit compliance are built into the system core. Kendo-UI components create a facile and rich user experience that is consistent and thus ensures ease of training and adoption by end-users.

"We are extremely pleased with this version. The support of our international partners: Ladybridge Systems, Ltd. and Telerik, have been top-notch." , said Bill Crowell, Pavuk Systems' CEO and Lead Uber Geek. "Versions 1-3 were very good, but version 4.0 is truly amazing. With more great things planned, we look forward to exceeding our customers' expectations. Our technology is both revolutionary and disruptive. The response of our non-geek beta testers has been overwhelmingly positive."

Pavuk BP 4.0 supports the OpenQM database natively. Oracle and MySQL support planned for 1Q 2016.

Pavuk Systems

Located in Charlotte NC.

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