Rocket Software Announced Rocket Mobile for MultiValue

RocketĀ® Mobile for MultiValue (MV) is a mobile application development and deployment platform designed for customers who rely on Rocket MultiValue application platforms (U2 and D3). It allows you to leave your proven applications in-place, repurpose, and transform them into new, secure mobile applications. There's no time-consuming rewrites or loss of code functionality.

  • Integration/REST: Allows you to encapsulate your D3 and U2 data and business logic into server-side objects that can be exposed via RESTful services.
  • Easy Development: Provides an intuitive wireframe application builder-just drag and drop widgets from the palette into the builder to design your mobile application.
  • Standards-based: Deploys to any browser or as a hybrid native app on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone; deliver modern, responsive mobile applications using HTML5 and CSS3, Adobe PhoneGap, and JavaScript extension points for third-party libraries.
  • Offline Support: Requires no permanent connection to server; stores enterprise data in the mobile device cache so users can work without reception.
  • Identity Management: Provides LDAP integration for defining role or group-based control for access to applications and data.
  • Application Management: Enables administrators to see all apps that are built, manage all versions, and know what versions customers are using.
  • Analytics: Provides built-in monitoring and reporting of application, user behavior, and mobile device statistics to increase the success of mobile application adoption.
Rocket Software

Located in Waltham MA.

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