Ladybridge Systems Releases QM 3.4-4

Release 3.4-4 of the QM Multivalue Database is now available for download from or .


For improved compatibility with other products, if field 3 of a VOC Q-pointer is null, QM now assumes VOC by default.

The CREATE.DICT.NO.CASE mode of the OPTION command can be used to make CREATE.FILE create dictionaries with case insensitive ids. The NO.CASE option of the CREATE.FILE command has also been extended to allow selection of case insensitivity for the data and/or dictionary portions of the file.

The SEARCH command has been extended to add a DISPLAY option that shows each line that contains any of the search strings. When this option is used, a select list is only created if the TO option is also used.

The query processor SORTED.SAMPLE keyword is similar to the SAMPLE keyword but is applied after sorting.

A new QMBasic $MODE setting, EXECUTE.CLEARLIST, has been added to improve compatibility with other products regarding how the default select list is handled by the EXECUTE statement.

As an aid to debugging programs, the QMBasic PDUMP statement creates a process dump file of the process in which it is executed.

The QMBasic OPENTEMP statement has been extended to create the file in the QM temporary directory if the pathname is omitted or is a null string.

The QMClient API now supports sequential file processing.

The QMClient API QMTxn() function can now commit non-durable transactions.

The WEBSVC command and !CALLHTTP class module can be used to implement simple web services.

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