Greg Cooper Joins Zumasys as Chief Database Architect

Zumasys announced today that it has hired Greg Cooper to lead its jBASE development team. jBASE is a powerful database solution that preserves MultiValue programs by converting them to C, allowing them to natively interact with underlying operating systems and to store data in mainstream environments such as SQL, Oracle and DB2.

After spending the early part of his career at McDonnell Douglas working on Reality (native Assembler), Cooper became one of the first two employees of jBASE in 1989. Over the following decade he co-authored jBASE, taking it from an idea to an enterprise-grade platform, creating many of its current features, including the runtime, backups, journaling, language support and more. Part of the early success of the company was Cooper's ability to deliver the unique, first-in-the-industry, high quality functionality. With his involvement, the company became renowned for the best support in the market which contributed significantly to the growth and success of jBASE, which is used by more than 300,000 users worldwide today.

"Greg's history as one of the original developers of jBASE brings a new level of depth and expertise to Zumasys and we are thrilled to have him onboard," says Andy Takacs, Chief Technology Officer for Zumasys. "You can feel the level of passion Greg has coming 'home' to jBASE where he invested so much passion and energy in the early days. To be able to start anew with a fresh perspective around Cloud and SaaS is going to be invaluable for the future of this important database technology."

Cooper brings over 30 years of engineering and industry expertise to Zumasys, most recently with InterSystems where he worked on Caché advanced database management system and rapid application development environment tools.
"We are excited to see Zumasys continue to invest in the success of jBASE and we look forward to working with Greg Cooper again," says R. Fred Houston, President and CEO of the Columbia Ultimate Family of Companies. "As one of the largest jBASE resellers, Columbia Ultimate is committed to the technology and we are excited by the growing momentum."

Cooper is based out of Nottingham, England where he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. Hobbies include skiing, music and watching movies, especially those featuring Austin Powers' calorie-challenged arch nemesis.

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