Rocket Software MV TechDay on Friday following Spectrum 2016

Rocket Software presents a one-day technical event geared toward developers, architects, and IT staff responsible for business solutions based on Rocket MultiValue data servers, tools, and related technology. Well discuss how to extend the reach of your applications by leveraging the latest popular development environments. Learn about new, exciting approaches for taking your application mobile and adding self-serve business intelligence!


Go Mobile Faster: Leverage MV RESTful services to accelerate integration with and reuse of your MultiValue application. End users have come to expect their IT departments or vendors to provide Mobile solutions for their mobile work force. Using Rocket Mobile for MultiValue (MV) you can quickly create compelling mobile applications that exceed your customers expectations without extensive coding.

We will demonstrate the process of building and deploying a complete mobile application that leverages MultiValue data sources, allowing you to take your core application mobile. After the session you will have a clear understanding of what Rocket Mobile for MV provides and how to build an application that makes your IT department shine. As a vendor you will create additional revenue opportunities for your salesforce via a new viable solution for your customers.

Informed Business Decisions with Rocket Discover for MultiValue
Business Intelligence is a critical component of a complete solution. Simply capturing data and processing transactions certainly address the key operational functions and business processes but turning that data into actionable information is what drives strategic and tactical business decisions. Most business end users want self-empowerment to access corporate data to make informed decisions critical to their jobs.

We will provide a comprehensive session on how Rocket Discover empowers the Line Managers or Executives to discover insights into the business that would previously have been difficult and untimely to accomplish. From connecting to multiple data sources, to enhancing and enriching data, and creating dashboards and simple reports, we will demonstrate how your customers will be able to utilize Rocket Discover to make more informed decisions. At the end of the session you will have a strong understanding of what Rocket Discover provides and how you can leverage this self-service BI solution with your existing Rocket MultiValue application to increase your revenue and satisfy many of the analytical needs of your customers.

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