Linear Hash Reporting and Resizing Tool available for OpenInsight v9.4

In an effort to help assist OpenInsight system administrators manage Linear Hash tables, Revelation Software published a reporting and resizing tool called RTI_LH_STATISTICS. This tool will enable OpenInsight system administrators to view linear hash statistics within an application and identify and resize poorly hashed tables.

Poorly hashed/sized tables are one of the most significant reasons for degradation in system performance.

The Remake table option of RTI_LH_STATISTICS utilizes a program called RTI_REMAKETABLE. RTI_REMAKETABLE works by sampling 10% of the rows in a table, calculating the average record size, then making a new pre-sized table with the frame size larger than the average record size and a threshold of 50% to force the table to resize more frequently.

RTI_LH_Statistics is available at no cost to all current Works members and can be downloaded from the Works Download section of our web site.

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