New Features Announced for jBASE 5.5

jBASE 5.5 will be the first major production release since Zumasys purchased jBASE in 2015. Set to release in early April, version 5.5 will include the following new features.


jBASE System Manager provides graphical access to important system administration data, which is historically trapped at the command line of your Pick system. Now you can easily configure and monitor backup jobs with hashfile verification; enjoy built-in visualization of system performance; enable alerting around critical system processes; and monitor license usage. With System Manager, you can even add licenses on the fly, without having to do a system restart. Keep track of key data, critical processes, and license usage with jBASE System Manager.


jBASE 5.5 also includes our powerful Remove Communication Services at no additional cost. With JRCS, new hires can choose their favorite development tools and languages and directly access your MultiValue apps and data. It's a practical approach that preserves and leverages your proven apps and data while allowing new development in virtually any language or framework.


Protecting the data in your MultiValue system has never been more important and now you can do it for free with jBASE 5.5. An integrated feature of the new release of jBASE, Audit Logging allows you to create an audit trail of activity on chosen application files. It's easy to setup and administer and adds very little overhead to the running of your system. Best of all, it's free and it gives you the flexibility and feature richness so that it can be customized to meet your unique requirements.


Migrating to jBASE just became easier. jBASE now supports case-insensitive applications. You can run files, queries, and commands by simply turning on the jBASE case-insensitive switch.


jBASE 5.5 includes a framework for spooling print jobs to nearly anything. Popular targets include pdf, email and web services but virtually any conceivable target is possible. The framework allows for your user written code to be called during the spooling process to filter, extend and transform spooled output and to deliver it to nearly any target. With this new feature, it is now simple to add exciting new capabilities to your applications without modifying the underlying application code.


You can install and configure jBASE 5.5 in just a couple of clicks. New migration tools are also available to help you easily import your existing MultiValue system. Click, install, and you're done!

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