Ladybridge releases QM 3.4-7

This release introduces a pure Java version of the QMClient API, removing the need for the Java Native Interface which required different versions for each supported platform. The old JNI versions will continue to be supported for at least one year.

The COPY command has been extended to allow record ids to be forced to either upper or lower case when copying items from a directory file on a case insensitive file system to a case sensitive file.

When using the CREATE.FILE command to create an element of a multi-file, the INHERIT.MFILE.PATH mode of the OPTION command can be used to make the default location of the new subfile the same as the default subfile.

The RPL.STATUS command can be used to display a summary of the replication system status.

The SED editor now has a SCROLL1 option to control scrolling from page to page.

The SED editor can take a sequence of edit commands from the data queue.

The SELECT.DIR command can be used to build a select list containing the names of files or subdirectories in a specified directory.

The TERM command now supports setting the default printer page dimensions.

For improved compatibility with other MultiValue products, the query processor COL.HDR.SPACE keyword inserts a blank line under the column headings in a tabular report.

The OPEN.FAIL.ZERO.FVAR setting of the $MODE compiler directive causes a failed open to set the file variable to zero instead of unassigned.

The QMBasic SADD(), SCMP(), SDIV(), SMUL() and SSUB() functions have been extended to support non-integer values.

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