Brian Leach Consulting releases Self Paced Training series on Kindle

Brian Leach Consulting has announced that the first two volumes of the Self Paced Training series for UniVerse are now available on Kindle.

This allows Brian to offer them at much reduced prices over the paperback editions - which are costly to have printed - and without the expense of shipping which has made them unaffordable in parts of the world.

These volumes are created using Kindle Textbook Creator, which preserves the format of the paper copy more accurately - in books containing large numbers of listings and screen output examples, this is a must.It does mean that you are restricted to reading them on devices that support the Kindle Textbook format: Kindle Reader software on PC, Mac or iPad, or tablets like the Kindle Fire.

The third volume in the series, dedicated to client side development, is undergoing a thorough rewrite to bring it up to date with the changes Rocket has made to the various APIs, and will concentrate far more heavily on the U2 Toolkit for .NET. Once this has been completed, the updated volume will also be offered on Kindle.

Brian Leach Consulting, ltd


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