OnSystex provides new capabilities in OASYS for Enterprise CIOs

Onsystex, Inc. announced an expansion of its platform to include new capabilities designed to help enterprise CIO's meet mandates to eliminate their dependency on aging MultiValue applications.

They include OASYS|Omni MultiValue-based API framework designed to expose both reading and writing of legacy functionality and data as RestAPI's, OASYS|Bridge real-time replication services which surface MultiValue data structures in normalized SQL-based databases for use in business intelligence, reporting and external web development applications, and OASYS|Web user interface development platform which generates responsive web/mobile interfaces dynamically from "green-screen" implementations.

According to Tim Spells, CEO of Onsystex, "We have been an active participant in the MultiValue marketplace for over 25 years. We have leveraged our knowledge of both the strengths and weaknesses of MultiValue technologies to create this powerful suite of tools and services."

Jeff Zayicek, CEO of Ratex Business Solutions, a provider of MultiValue-based ERP systems to large Universities, said, "OASYS|Omni provided us a platform to introduce new cloud based functionality, expose our legacy functionality as RestAPI's accessible to our clients, and integrate .net developers into the process of enhancing our system. The platform is enabling us to evolve a strategy of engineering new capabilities without having start completely over."

Bob Miller, COO of Onsystex shared that "While MultiValue applications have enjoyed almost 4 decades of success they no longer can compete with modern development tools and infrastructures. The industry has consolidated into a handful of small operating system providers with relatively microscopic investments in the technology compared to mainstream database and development tools. Combined with aging development resources, this has left many very large firms struggling to develop roadmaps to eliminate these systems."

Sterling Moses, IT Manager at Brigham Young University, Idaho said, "With OASYS|Omni we were able to integrate critical web site functionality back into MultiValue ERP system with only a couple hours effort.


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