QM Release Notification (3.4-8)

his minor release introduces a few new features requested by our users.

This release introduces minimal support of character maps into the non-ECS version of QM. This allows developers to adapt the default map to give better support for the accented characters found in European languages without needing to use the ECS version.

The CREATE.FILE command now checks for an optional $ENCR VOC record to control automatic application of encryption to hashed files.

The ENCRYPT.FILE command has been extended to provide a simple way to apply encryption to many files in a single operation.

The QMBasic EREPLACE() and FIX() functions have been added for improved compatibiltiy with other multivalue products.

The QMBasic OPTION() function has been extended to allow setting/clearing of an otion.

A QMClient session can now use the AUTOLOGOUT command to terminate the session after a period of inactivity.

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