Ladybridge Systems Releases 3.4-9 of QM

Release 3.4-9 of the QM Multivalue Database is now available for download.

This release corrects a bug introduced at release 3.4-8 where use of INS, INSERT() or <-1> to append a field to a dynamic array could cause a following field extraction to return incorrect data.

There are also a few minor enhancements as requested by our users...

The IF command in a paragraph now has an option to perform case insensitive relational comparisons.

A "B" option has been added to commands within the SHOW utility to move to the bottom of the available items.

An ECS quaifier has been added to the QMBasic OPENTEMP statement to create the file in ECS mode.

A PARAMS property as been added to the !CALLHTTP.CLS class module to provide an alternative way to pass URI parameters in a GET request.

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