Information Technology Systems announces the creation of the .Net Support and Training Group.

Information Technology Systems .Net Support and Training Group has been created to bridge the knowledge gap between Pick and .Net programmers.

Companies that have core Pick / Multi Value back end database structures that are looking to add new web and mobile interfaces are finding it difficult to find and hire experienced Pick application designers and programmers that also have .net experience. Programmers entering the marketplace today have been trained in various .net methodologies including Visual Studio, Visual Basic and C# but have no training in Multi Value database design and programming.

The .net Support and Training Group has been created to bridge that gap at hourly rates well below typical Pick based consulting rates. The .net Support and Training Group will work directly with the .net in house design and programming staff to interface .net and other mobile and web centric applications with their Pick database. In addition the service will provide training for the .net staff in all aspects of the Pick database structure and programming. This knowledge transfer will promote the use of the Pick database and develop internal expertise to allow the retention of the core Pick database and application that supports the success of the company.

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