ONgroup Scales Up With MVON# Running in .NET

ONgroup Intl now helps organizations boost their value by running MultiValue applications directly in Microsoft .NET. Companies can run in the .NET or Mono CLR, the Common Language Runtime. MVON# is the toolset that allows sites to keep what works while removing barriers to integration with contemporary technologies.

In addition to more obvious gains when using pervasive Microsoft technologies, this alignment with the industry alleviates the strains of interoperability. IT is able to move many tasks directly into the hands of end-users while other tasks go away completely. The ease of managing applications with satisfied users yields an overall increase in the value of those applications.

ONgroup Intl is scaling up with the formation of ONgroup Africa and the global distribution of MVON#. The idea of running MultiValue as managed code in the CLR without a MultiValue-only run machine originated in South Africa where the MVON# toolset is already in use. "By decoupling applications from the DBMS, sites have the first horizontally scalable MV applications," said Grant Hart, Chief Architect for the MVON# toolset. MVON# is optimized to run with SQL Server and is architected to run with any MultiValue or SQL-based DBMS on the back-end, including Rocket U2 and Oracle.

Developers with their own application generator can use it as a .NET application generator. The opportunity to run in .NET is also extended to sites running in System Builder or SB+ who can experience the new browser user interface for their existing application using MVON# Netbuilder.

"We added the sharp symbol to the name to give a hint that with this toolset, MultiValue source code transpiles to C# to run in .NET. Running applications side by side with everything else running in the Common Language Runtime will be as obvious a choice in the coming years as running applications in common operating systems is today," said Charles Stauffer, CEO of ONgroup Intl.

ONgroup Intl

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