Paradigm Systems and Rocky Mount Educational Resources Announce Distribution Agreement for Mercury Console.

Paradigm Systems is pleased to announce that Rocky Mountain Educational Resources (RMER), a MultiValue education company, has signed a distribution agreement to promote our Mercury Console product and become part of our authorized vendor network around the world.

Mike Ryan, president of RMER, stated, "We are very pleased with the depth of technology the Mercury product offers. The array of options to better manage and maintain the UniData and UniVerse environments is second to none and dovetails very nicely with our range of technical course offerings. We are encouraged by our current (and future) customers' requirements for better tools. Now, we can offer a solution!"

The Mercury Console product was built from necessity by brilliant programmers who created solutions to typical problems; situations that all MultiValue systems eventually encounter. For example:

  • Why continually repeat sizing files the same old way with little day-to-day monitoring?
    • Mercury intelligently solves this issue.
  • How efficient are the multitude of queries against the database?
    • Mercury advises administrators on that.
  • Is there a way to determine if the fields indexed are performing at optimum and should another heavily used field be indexed?
    • Mercury recommends that, too.
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