Zumasys Releases jBASE 5.6

The newest release of jBASE 5.6 offers even more incredible features, such as native RESTful services, native data encryption, more granular audit logging and improved transaction journaling.

jBASE 5.6 includes over 30 enhancements and fixes, and also include new features:

  • Native data encryption: Get built-in data security and protection with the standard jBASE product for no additional cost.
  • Additional audit logging features: Increase the granularity of logging options for deeper event audits. Logs can also be applied to a remote copy of jBASE to accelerate the backup process and reduce recovery point objectives.
  • Improved transaction journaling: Quickly enable and maintain jBASE replication with new enhancements, including definable automatic purging. Transaction journals can be used to quickly bring older database copies up to date.
  • Updated System Manager: Enable centralized management via a graphic web interface for encryption, audit logging and transaction journaling.

Release Notes:


Zumasys, Inc

Located in San Clemente CA.

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