Tech Tip: Spooler Management (D3, Pick, R80 specific)

One of the most powerful commands is SP-ASSIGN for assigning the output to be printed (or managed) either currently or at a later time.

While SETPTR exists for many other MultiValue platforms, I will focus on SP-ASSIGN and its derivatives for this article. Those familiar with SETPTR can easily convert my suggestions to use on those platforms.

Most of the time the printers are created in a proc stored in the DM (or SYSPROG) account accessible by the USER-COLDSTART process. Thus, when the system is booted, the printers are created once and remain available.

I have created a regular data file called PRINTERS and a program called CREATE.PRINTERS that will replace the details within that PROC. Basically the PRINTERS file's primary key would be F0, F1, F2 and field 1 would be the network printer name, field 2 would be the serial port number, and field 3 would be the SKIP parameter.

Thus, the CREATE.PRINTERS program would SELECT the PRINTERS file and create the appropriate TCL commands for each printer with SP-KILL then DEV-MAKE

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Jul/Aug 2012