From the Inside November/December 2016

Changes are a-coming, if you have not already seen them. Because businesses are increasing IT spending for automation projects your work load and requirements are increasing.

Here at International Spectrum, we are providing the information you need to help with the technical requirements you have.

If you haven't noticed yet, the Spectrum website has been changing over the past year. We are providing more tools, software, and tech information for you.

In addition to increasing the information on the website, we have also added more content to the International 2017 Conference. And the conference is quickly approaching: May 1st to May 4th, 2017. There will be lots of information, resources, and training for you and your staff.

Our 2017 Conference will include content for experienced developers as well as for new developers and the all-important MultiValue Administrators. The conference will be at the WigWam in Litchfield Park, AZ, same as last year.

I am working with my speakers to produce more content on upcoming technologies as well as working with your existing technologies. Many of the sessions are not only more than just Power-Point, but also live demonstrations of what works and what doesn't. This will allow you more real-world details as well offering you a chance to ask questions outside of the time constraints of the initial training session.

I have always been a big fan of professional networking when I've attended conferences, both as a developer and then as a speaker. I feel this is one of the most productive and valuable activities at any conference. With that in mind, we will be offering many opportunities to talk with your fellow attendees, both during and after conference.

Since we know that you don't always get a chance to see or talk with everyone you would like to at the conference, we will continue the post conference on-demand videos as well. This will allow you to review sessions you attended, or have employees back at the office benefit by watching sessions you thought were important.

At the 2017 Conference, you will be able to see a quick overview of what the vendors have to offer before the exhibit floor opens, during our Vendor Speed Dating. With these quick 5 min overviews of what each vendor is offering, you can easily pinpoint the people you want to talk with, or which 50-minute product demo session you would like to attend.

As we get closer to the end of the year, you will find more and more changes and new features that will help you make your job easier. Don't miss out on valuable information, resources, and solutions.

Nathan Rector

Nathan Rector, President of International Spectrum, has been in the MultiValue marketplace as a consultant, author, and presenter since 1992. As a consultant, Nathan specialized in integrating MultiValue applications with other devices and non-MultiValue data, structures, and applications into existing MultiValue databases. During that time, Nathan worked with PDA, Mobile Device, Handheld scanners, POS, and other manufacturing and distribution interfaces.

In 2006, Nathan purchased International Spectrum Magazine and Conference and has been working with the MultiValue Community to expand its reach into current technologies and markets. During this time he has been providing mentorship training to people converting Console Applications (Green Screen/Text Driven) to GUI (Graphical User Interfaces), Mobile, and Web. He has also been working with new developers to the MultiValue Marketplace to train them in how MultiValue works and acts, as well as how it differs from the traditional Relational Database Model (SQL).

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Nov/Dec 2016