Video: Modernization Steps to Success!

Baby steps to modernization, using DesignBais, Accuterm and your Business Logic! Whether you want to run on your own, learn from what we have done, or partner with our professionals TRG can help you step through the process of modernization. Come see the first step to modernizing your MV Applications.

During our session we will be covering the following;

  • Demonstration of the ‘First Step’

    We will demonstrate the integration of modern browser-based technology with your classic character-based applications

  • Success Stories

    TRG will review several of its recent success stories and include examples of these new applications

  • DesignBais Demo<>

    This demo gives a technical overview of the features of DesignBAIS, a functionally rich toolset that enables Multi-value developers to design and create enterprise wide web-based applications

  • Future of DesignBais

    A brief discussion on the announced features and benefits of DesignBais

  • Partnering with Think TRG!

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