Aptron Corporation

Aptron Corporation’s business is working with institutions of higher education to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their administrative operations and the service they provide to their faculty, students and other constituents. We do this by providing robust enterprise software, custom modifications and unparalleled support.

Founded in 1983, Aptron clients range from small colleges to complex universities throughout the United States. Our solutions are managed and operated by end-users without the need for data base administrators, turning information technology personnel into a valued resource rather than a daily necessity. Client institutions place significant value on Aptron’s commitment to product evolution, unrivaled customer service and relatively low cost of ownership. Each client enjoys the benefits of software that is custom tailored to their individual needs so as to enhance their competitive position in the marketplace.


Aptron Acquires mvQuery From PrismHR

access_timeSaturday, April 1, 2023

Aptron acquires WebWizard

access_timeWednesday, August 1, 2018