Norse Systems

Typical solutions from Norse Systems, Inc. involve every aspect of business system deployment. They generally include provision of a virtual server, specialized business application software, an enterprise technical approach for mission critical systems, and professional support. These systems are generally thoroughly integrated and comprehensive, even if custom developed for a client. Norse Systems has special expertise in the Bus Industry and in Capital Equipment Maintenance for fleets and other complex assets. The bus industry applications, matured for over 32 years,address nearly every management problem faced by bus operators. These applications include School Bus Routing, Charter and Field Trip Sales, Transit Tours and Shuttles, Maintenance, Personnel, Operations, Driver and Employee Qualifications, Accident management, Employee Pay, and fully integrated financial systems. They are appropriate for both public and private entities. Completely administered virtual servers provide the computer power, proprietary advanced communication technology provides the connection, and a powerful commercial database combined with state of the art application development and data access tool ScreenDriver with trade mark registration mark, provide unmatched flexibility and responsiveness to management needs.


Video: ScreenDriver - Moderize Green Screens

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