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International Spectrum 2019 Conference
and Exhibition

April 8th-11th

We came to Spectrum this year in the hopes of getting a better understanding of the some of the vendor production in the MV industry. It had been some time since we attended Spectrum (12 years). We found it very helpful in discussing the product offerings face to face.


This was my second Spectrum, however RAM has participated for many years. This year we came looking for U2 information. Transaction logging and high availability, U2 backup solutions, System Builder and U2 Web solutions all of which had session within the conference schedule!

We were able to bring back information to help us decide which direction we should go with Web development. I attended Steve O'Neal's TX Logging and high availability session and this morning we started Transaction Logging in Universe. I also received my IBM Certification for UniVerse 10.1 Administrator. Thank you for arranging the free testing at the conference.

The U2 sessions were the most informative to us. Of course there are speakers like Kevin King, Lee Burstein that are just worth attending no matter what the topic.


I also wanted to tell you that I found this Spectrum as always informative. One of the things that draws me personally is being able to be around my peers.

Even though I am somewhat confined to the versions of PICK that both ADP and Reynolds have, it is refreshing to be able to see what PICK and all of it's flavors are doing today. I sat in Susan Joslyn's class on SOX. This held a wealth of information for me. Though it does not affect my company directly, it affects me through the dealership groups that are public. They each have their own set of compliance rules that we must follow.

I also sat in Fusionware's Security class. This was a great class. We take so much for granted thinking that we are safe behind the "firewall".


We have sent at least one representative to the International Spectrum Conferences every year except one since 2000. Most years we have had multiple attendees. We always return with the sense that our time and money were well spent.


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