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    International Spectrum 2012 Conference
    and Exhibition

    April 2nd-5th

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    This year�s Spectrum conference is loaded with information about new options, new technologies, and new products you can use to extend the value and capability of your personal career and your MultiValue applications.

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    Project Estimation for Changing Environments

    Your manager has asked you to provide them with an estimate on how long a project will take, but the last two times you provided a quote, one came up short and the another came up long and was rejected. Project estimation is not as difficult as everyone thinks it is. Join Clif and learn how to accurately provide estimates to your managers and clients.

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    Web Workshop: PHP for the MultiValue Developer

    As a powerful, flexible, easy to learn, and easy to deploy language, PHP provides a platform for an easy transition into web technologies for Multivalue BASIC developers. In this session we'll look at the basics of PHP and discuss how we can leverage our U2 data and programming from a web context.

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    Quickbook Integration

    Quickbooks has become the defacto standard for account packages. Most small businesses use it, and even some large businesses are starting to ask for support. Even though our enterprise systems have account modules, sometimes is easier to supply an interface to Quickbooks.

    This session is a hands-on workshop to provide you a solution to connect to a Quickbooks database. We will show the different ways to import and update data, and the pit falls involved with using Quickbooks within our detail oriented world.

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    Android-Developing and Beyond

    Tablets, Phones, Smart Home Panels… Android Development will take you into the future. This session will provide you information on what software you need and what steps you will need to develop for these systems and hardware.

    We will also show you the basics for talking with your MultiValue system from an Android Applications.

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    User Interfaces with jQuery and the jQuery UI

    The jQuery UI framework provides a rich (and growing) set of user interface features that can make the browser just as powerful, if not more so, than any dedicated GUI. And being a web technology, it's available right now, and for nearly every browser out in the wild today. Come learn more about how a couple simple lines of Javascript can transform the most mundane user interface into something truly extraordinary.

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