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Spectrum 2017 Virtual Conference

Has your organization cut travel expenses this year, but you still need the valuable knowledge needed to address your enterprise needs. Can’t attend this year’s Annual Conference & Exhibition in Litchfield Park, AZ?

How it works:

Once you register, you will receive an e-mail with your login information that will allow you to access all the Virtual conference. You will be notified when the on-demand videos, any live conference feeds are, as well as, the date and times that Live Chats are available.

Through out the week of the Live Conference, you will receive e-mails and updates about what is going on, and on-demand materials you may be interested in.

After the conference, you will receive another email when the on-demand video are available.

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Can’t Make It This Year? Consider Virtual Education

Faced with tighter budgets and, in some cases, leaner staffing, what is the best training option? Virtual education.

Spectrum 2017 Virtual Conference is an organization-wide, low-cost approach that offers you and your staff the right level of training at the right price depending on your organization’s educational needs.

What Does the Virtual Conference Offer?

Given how busy everyone is, we are offering people access to the conference materials in an on-demand setting.

  • Lounge
  • Exhibits
  • Education


The Virtual "Lounge" is a place you can meet and talk with people about what is going on in the MultiValue market, and see what solutions you can find from other attendees or vendors.

The Lounge is available to you during the Live Conference, as well as, during the post events Conference. Join use anytime just to chat to see what is going on.


The exhibits allows you to see all the latest tools, products, and companies that work within the MultiValue Marketplace. This is also another location where you can see vendor specific on-demand videos from he conference


The On-Demand videos are provided to you after the conference. These are recordings of the breakout session including the audio from the speaker and questions and comments from the attendees in the room.

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