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Peter Schellenbach, Zumasys Director of Product Development, has a long history of building innovative software solutions for MultiValue/Pick-based applications. As the founder and president of AccuSoft Enterprises, Pete joined the Zumasys team when AccuSoft was acquired by Zumasys in July of 2014.

Pete first developed AccuPlot software in 1977 while working as a data processing manager at CalLabs, a North Hollywood medical manufacturer. When Pete discovered that the company's new Printronix printer had a raster graphics feature, he quickly figured out a way to exploit it, and AccuPlot was born.

Three years later, Pete took his product public with the formation of AccuSoft. After leaving CalLabs to work full time for AccuSoft, Pete continued to develop his software. In the late 1980's Pete expanded the AccuSoft product line with the release of AccuTerm, which let users replace their dumb terminals with PCs and enjoy their AccuPlot graphs on screen. AccuTerm also allows users to go beyond the standard "green-screen" output with modern front-end GUIs for their Pick-based applications.

The product has been so successful that, today, AccuTerm is used by a vast majority of Pick and MultiValue users around the world. Now at Zumasys, Pete continues to develop the AccuTerm software, working on enhanced mobility features that will allow users to access their Pick and MultiValue databases from mobile devices.