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MultiValue Tools, Software, and Business Applications

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SENTRY is a security package for the uniVerse, UniData, PI/Open (UNIX only), and Prime INFORMATION databases. With SENTRY the system administrator doesn't have to know obscure UNIX commands to manage users, groups and file permissions. Instead you use a series of intuitive, user friendly screens which include extensive cross referencing and a variety of views. In addition, SENTRY allows database commands such as CLEAR-FILE and ED to be restricted to certain users and/or groups. If you have found that UNIX file permissions fall just a little short for the in-depth security your site really needs, you are not alone. SENTRY includes support for Access Control Lists (ACLs) which are an extension of the standard UNIX file permissions. Through SENTRY's ACL Maintenance screen you may access all files and directories and maintain both UNIX permissions and ACLs using this friendly database driven screen. Our cross-reference and validation features make it easy to add or delete users and groups and to change the permission granted to them. SENTRY allows you to set an ACL on a directory and then update not only the directory but all files and directories below.

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128-bit encryption and decryption of data at the file system level

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Avante is our manufacturing business performance solution designed specifically for midmarket companies with complex manufacturing environments. It's replete with rich functionality and powerful features, yet gives you the flexibility and intuitiveness you need to make it work for your business. Avante will help your enterprise respond, and respond fast, when you need to.

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RATEX is the comprehensive, flexible, and powerful retail management system designed to help college and university stores run all facets of their business more efficiently and more profitably.

For more than 20 years, RATEX has been the system of choice for leading collegiate retailers, including Cornell University, University of Connecticut, University of Colorado, Boulder, Brigham Young University, and the University of California, San Diego.

More than just software, RATEX is a total business solution. It integrates all store operations, including open-to-buy, inventory planning, accounting, and point-of-sale processes. RATEX also features:

  • Multi-store functionality, making it the only retail management system you need no matter how many store locations you manage
  • Robust, scalable technology, to meet your business needs no matter how large or complex your business becomes
  • 20 individual business modules, so you can build and customize the system to suit your store

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MultiValue Dashboard allows you to quickly create customized, web-based dashboards of your critical MultiValue data without having to learn new technologies or programming techniques. After acquiring MultiValue Dashboard from The Nerdery, Zumasys re-launched the product in 2015 with new features and functions that make it easier to use and more powerful than ever.

With MultiValue Dashboard, you can:

  • Access critical Pick data from anywhere, anytime using a web browser
  • Instantly visualize data with easy-to-use charting tools and maps
  • Get started with no capital investment
  • Drill down to see transaction-level detail
  • Accelerate ROI by leveraging existing programming resources
  • Replace printed reports with real-time web dashboards

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