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MultiValue Tools, Software, and Business Applications

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MITS Report is the next-generation, interactive operational reporting environment from the experts in Advanced Reporting and Business Intelligence. In developing MITS Report, the company focused on the challenges customers were facing in reporting for MultiValue databases. MITS Report is the result of direct feedback from customers and partners as well as an investigation into customers common reporting practices.

Built by User Request
You asked for it, we delivered. MITS Report is the result of customer and partner demand for a MITS-caliber operational reporting tool and was designed by the experts who developed the pioneering technology found in MITS Discover, the only OLAP Business Intelligence system native to MultiValue. The MITS team of developers brings more than 100 years combined experience in creating reporting solutions for MultiValue databases, and has devoted the last decade to helping thousands of companies worldwide overcome their reporting challenges.

Reporting without Querying
You dont have to learn a query language, know a database layout, or understand MultiValue dictionaries to succeed with MITS Report. MITS recognizes that many users start with a standard report and then modify it, and this reporting flexibility is where MITS Report shines. Simply by clicking buttons and selecting user-friendly options from drop-down lists viewed within your Web browser, you can retrieve data, access existing reports, and customize standard reports. You can also create new reports by filtering, sorting, adding/removing columns, totaling, breaking, and more.

Fast, Interactive Access to Data
Why wait around for the information you need to do your job? MITS Report offers a way to get at your organizations data quickly and efficientlyat interactive speeds you have become familiar with when browsing the Web. You get reports tailored to your precise needs not within minutes or hours but within a few seconds. Having fast reporting speeds means you see the modifications you make to your report (for example, adding and removing columns) in context, with the report changing right before your eyes.

Easy Learning Curve
MITS Report delivers on the promise to provide self-serve reporting. The designers of MITS Report carried out extensive research on the latest advances in usability to deliver a highly intuitive and familiar user interface. The innovative navigation system in MITS Report features simple workflows that eliminate the reliance on wizards or hardcopy manuals. Youll be building and viewing reports in no time, regardless of your technical background. Manage your individual reports in Report Libraries, where you can save, modify, or delete reports. To round out your knowledge of MITS Report and ensure you get the most out of the software, MITS offers Web-based training.

Secure Architecture
MITS Report protects the performance of the MultiValue database through the Report Source architecture, a software-server type system that sits between the database and the user. The Report Source contains all the data the user would need to assemble and view reports. MITS Report separates the reporting environment from your operational system, providing several key benefits. Access to files and sensitive information is controlled by user security. Your operational system is accessed only by authorized users or on a pre-determined schedule, not each time a user makes any change to a report, or if they make repeated requests for the same report.

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Encapsulate your U2 data and business logic in server-side objects that can be accessed by Java or .NET web development tools. U2 Web DE is a visual development tool that provides a complete environment to create and maintain your web applications, ensuring maximum business uptime and eliminating interruptions to business operations.

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Developer productivity is dramatically improved & End-users will appreciate the prompt response to their requests for improved functionality!

Ashwood's mvTools will enable your developers to accomplish more in less time!

  • Provides Uniform Corporate Application Architecture
  • Reduces Application Software maintenance costs?
  • Provides a Consistent Operator Interface
  • Enables GUI and Point-N-Click Functionality
  • Robust Data Indexing and Cross Referencing Included?
  • Enhanced Security and Data Access Features included

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DockMaster offers a comprehensive suite of integrated software tools designed specifically for the Marine Industry. As business managers, you need the ability to track every operation for accurate forecasting and cost controls. DockMaster helps you to manage all of your profit centers and their workflow. From the simplest POS transaction or office report to 1000+ item work-orders and packaged boat deals, DockMaster gives its users the ability to track every action in the system easily. An integrated report generator and accounting package allow users to view summary information to make the decisions that count. Find out how DockMaster has been helping Marine Facilities grow their businesses and increase profitability for over 23 years.

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U2 Clients include standards-based drivers for ODBC, JDBC and OLEDB to connect to U2 via a wide variety of standards-based tools. UniDK includes the UniObjects family of APIs for COM, .NET and Java for high-speed, native access as well as the U2 Java Persistence API (U2 JPA).

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OpenDB is a stand-alone Windows application that provides access to ODBC-compliant databases from the D3 environment. Once the connection is established between D3 and the remote database server, D3 is able to read, write and select data from the RDBMS as if it were a part of D3.

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Integrate, renovate, or transform character-based applications quickly and cost-effectively.

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