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MVON# Netbuilder Runs Former SB+ Applications with a Browser

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Release Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MVON# Netbuilder from ONgroup Intl runs SB+ (System Builder) applications in .NET. In addition to running the applications in character mode (a.k.a. "green screen"), Netbuilder now also runs the applications in a BUI, a browser user interface.

"This has been a very complex project, taking existing applications and running them in a browser. Our architects and developers have pulled off a hat trick with MVON# tools for running MultiValue in .NET with SQL Server, MVON# Netbuilder for running former SB+ applications in .NET with SQL Server, and now adding a Netbuilder BUI for running those same applications with a browser user interface," said Dawn Wolthuis, Executive Vice President of ONgroup.

While this browser user interface is written for those with existing SB+ or Netbuilder applications, organizations that have written their own application development tools in MV BASIC can use MVON# to turn their tools into .NET with SQL Server development tools. Grant Hart, the Chief Software Architect for ONgroup, indicated that "in some cases, the same techniques we used to create a browser user interface for Netbuilder can be used to web-enable applications written with other MultiValue development tools."

Once a MultiValue application is running with .NET as the run machine and SQL Server as the MV DBMS, the full Microsoft developer toolset is also available for extending and integrating the application. MVON# turns MultiValue into a toolset used in conjunction with the Microsoft platform. MVON# Netbuilder facilitates moving SB+ applications to .NET with SQL Server at the back-end and now with a browser at the front-end.


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About ONgroup Intl

ONgroup's mission is to help organizations maintain their investment in mission critical business systems. Whether business systems are scheduled for development today or are the proven, mature and stable applications developed over the past decades, our goal is to allow them to be executed on recognized, standard platforms such as Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. ONgroup provides transition to these platforms without disruption to the daily operation of the organization.

ONgroup is helping clients worldwide reach significant IT goals with low risk programs for seamless migration to relational platforms and integration with standard packages such as PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Oracle Financials. Oracle has recognized ONgroup's unique knowledge of both the MultiValue and Relational software development markets—ONgroup is Oracle's only certified partner providing migration and integration tools and services for the MultiValue market sector. ONgroup is also an IBM Business Partner and Microsoft Certified Partner.

ONgroup's solutions are currently being used by clients such as Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) and CitiGroup's CitiBank and Salomon Smith Barney divisions to run their business systems, developed on a MultiValue platform, directly on Oracle Server. Other companies such as New York State Parks have used ONgroup's solutions to migrate their MultiValue business systems to SQL Server.

ONgroup's proven methodologies have taken our customers from legacy to standard Relational in months versus years and at a saving of millions of dollars. ONgroup's solutions allow your company to get value out of current technical resources, while at the same time allowing new applications and new skill sets to be acquired in the world of Oracle and other relational platforms. ONgroup's solutions will save you time—the complete conversion timeline is a fraction of what it takes to re-write or purchase and make modifications to a package developed by a "verticals" vendor.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.ongroup.com

About MVON

MVON was introduced in 2001 to replace database-dependent foundations, such as UniVerse, UniData, U2, D3, Power95, and PI/Open, with a database-independent foundation that fully supports both Relational and MultiValue databases. With MVON, MultiValue applications operate on Oracle, SQL Server and other databases. We support software companies whether replacing or expanding their DBMS options for their customers.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.ongroup.com

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