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Entrinsik Informer Integration with GreenFolders Delivers Advanced Reporting to World Wide Land Transfer

WWLT tapped Entrinsik, developer of the Informer reporting and business intelligence platform, for more advanced analytics capabilities against GreenFolders® and other application data.

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Release Date: Monday, October 2, 2017

World Wide Land Transfer, Inc. ("WWLT") is a fast-growing, northeastern-based title insurance agency handling a wide variety of residential and commercial transactions across the country. WWLT's understanding of both technology and automation have allowed the company to keep things manageable in its steady growth.

WWLT uses GreenFoldersĀ®, a file production system that manages everything from initial file creation to final clearing and policy production. With data also located in various other systems across the business, WWLT needed a way to centralize all data analysis, simplify the process of querying relevant data, and share it in visually descriptive reports and dashboards.

WWLT tapped Entrinsik, developer of the Informer reporting and business intelligence platform, for more advanced analytics capabilities against GreenFoldersĀ® and other application data. Informer enables hundreds of companies like WWLT to extract large volumes of data in real time; then iteratively explore blended data by simply dragging and dropping fields to create reports and choosing from a range of charts and graphs. Informer's 100 percent web-based, intuitive interface makes it easy for all types of users - from processors to team leads to executives - to track key metrics with interactive reports and visuals.

Using Informer, WWLT extracted their GreenFoldersĀ® data from disparate tables in order to report time between tasks for customer service level agreements (SLAs) and employee productivity. Much of the reporting is based on exception, so dashboards are updated and shared if files fall out of the SLA. Using Informer's report scheduling feature, WWLT is also able to widely distribute reports and dashboards to teams across the business to track tasks due on time-sensitive files.

"Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the industry, we work with many title insurance agencies, helping them access up-to-date, accurate information in order to make key business decisions every day, all without sacrificing their budget," said Tad Buck, Director Informer Solutions at Entrinsik. "The combination of GreenFolders and Informer provides these businesses with a modern, user-friendly data analysis solution accessible for all users to drive the best decisions possible for the business."

"The reports that the team at Enrinsik have been able to generate for us have been game changing with the way we oversee and manage our operations," said Marc Shaw, President of World Wide Land Transfer. "The title insurance world is changing quickly and businesses like ours need to be analytical in order to compete and advance, Entrinsik was able to bring analytics into our operation in a simple, cost-efficient way."


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About Entrinsik

Entrinsik, Inc. is the market leader in providing web-based operational and analytical reporting tools to the MultiValue marketplace. Today, with Entrinisk Informer, thousands of end-users using MultiValue databases enjoy the ability to leverage the Web to share information assets with virtually unlimited number of people anywhere at any time. With its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Informer provides end-users, IT staff, and executives a business intelligence environment and consistent, real-time information impacting key business processes. Spectrum Magazine has described Informer as a "supercharged reporting tool...designed for decision-makers."

Founded in 1984 and in the MultiValue market since, Entrinsik aims to provide leading edge technology and unsurpassed service to their customers.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.entrinsik.com

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