SpoolerPlus® on OpenQM Lowers Migration Cost And Ongoing Operating Expense

Software migration specialist, Sysmark Information Systems , Inc., and OpenQM authors, Ladybridge Systems , Ltd, are pleased to announce the certification of Sysmark 's generic Pick® print spooler, SpoolerPlus ®, on OpenQM .

SpoolerPlus ® provides improved compatibility and lower cost to users of OpenQM as their database of choice to support Multivalue application software. Application software designed for generic Pick® and Reality® databases can be moved to OpenQM often without any modification of embedded print commands.

SpoolerPlus ® provides the print spooler and print queues to which print jobs and printers can be assigned to ensure a flexible and efficient use of printers to print all print jobs.

SpoolerPlus ® also provides the print commands - like STARTPTR, SP-ASSIGN, LISTPEQS, LISTPTR, SP-EDIT, SP-KILL, SP-STATUS and STARTSPOOLER and their options– that have been used by trained staff and that have become part of established business processes on prior databases.

This eliminates time-consuming and often frustrating re-training of personnel and the loss of valuable print management strategies at a critical time in the life of an organization and its IT system.

SpoolerPlus ® also includes the extensions necessary to support the Reality® syntax of key print commands, increasing the compatibility of OpenQM with Reality® software.

Automated Printer Configuration For Each Print Queue

As an added feature to the generic Pick® print spooler, SpoolerPlus ® includes the ability to define print characteristics – like CPI, CPL, LPI, LPP, etc. – for a print queue. A printer can then be automatically reconfigured according to these print characteristics before printing begins, using printer drivers provided with SpoolerPlus ® or written separately. This feature is the Plus in SpoolerPlus ®.

Reducing Migration Costs

SpoolerPlus ® substantially reduces software migration costs by eliminating costly software modifications. "One of our customers avoided rewriting over 1100 SP-ASSIGN statements in just one Reality®-based application account," according to Dave Taylor, CEO of Sysmark . Another customer prints over 3000 insurance policies during the last days of each month thru SpoolerPlus ® with no modification of his System Builder software originally from mvBase.

Increasing Database Value

OpenQM provides those seeking to lower operating costs a low-cost Multivalue database with competitive functionality and outstanding technical support.

In place of required annual support fees, Ladybridge Systems provides bug fixes at no charge, OpenQM upgrades for either one year or ten years based on the original license fee paid and technical support as needed paid for on an hourly basis. All authorized OpenQM dealers also provide technical support on an hourly basis.


Ladybridge Systems Ltd

Located in Northampton Northamptonshire.

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