NEW! U2 Clients now available

Rocket U2 has a new way of releasing the clients and tools that Rocket Software used to label as UniData clients or UniVerse clients: now Rocket U2 will release U2 Clients and DB Tools for both databases. U2 Clients will consist of the client APIs and DB Tools will comprise the tools based on the Eclipse development platform. Since most of the components of U2 Clients and DB Tools are the same for both UniData and UniVerse (only the ODBC drivers and the VSG utility are still specific to a database), Rocket U2 can release them for both databases at the same time. By releasing the clients and tools this way, Rocket U2 can release them more often and avoid some confusion (Rocket U2 won't have to ask UniData users to obtain the latest tool from the UniVerse clients).

The first U2 Clients version was just released. This release includes the following clients: UniRPC, UV/ODBC, UDT/ODBC, UniDK, JDBC, Intercall, UO, UOJ, UniOLEDB, UCI, UO.NET, UO.NET4CF, Dynamic Connect, VSG, and JPA.

All future releases of clients and tools will be made in either U2 Clients or DB tools. There will be no future releases labeled UniData clients or UniVerse clients. There will be no charge for either U2 Clients or DB Tools.

Also, please note that the U2 Clients release will be installed in the C:\U2 directory now. If your application depends on the install path, be sure to account for this pathname change.

The version number of the individual clients has changed to more easily identify the correct component and version number for support issues. Please view the U2 Clients readme contained on the package installation menu for details about component versions, product fixes, and important notes pertaining to this release.

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