wIntegrate V6.3 Enables You to Paint Dialog Boxes

The latest version of wIntegrate, v6.3, is now available. This new version lets you draw dialog boxes and generates the U2 Basic code to drive them. wIntegrate is architected to allow the host to control the PC. However, many developers find it challenging to write Basic programs that handle Windows events. The new Editor does it all for you! You can associate custom host subroutines with fields/events in the dialog, for example to validate input. If you customize the generated code, your changes are preserved when you reopen the dialog for maintenance.

A completed project is supplied for a dialog that maintains a customer record. We show you the steps involved in creating this -painting the dialog, adding the subroutines to validate fields and read/write the record, and uploading it to the host.

All dialogs created by wIntegrate are compatible with thin client deployment using the Windows or Java clients.

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