Announcing UniData V7.3

Some emerging technologies associated with UniData V7.3 are high availability and interoperability.

UniData 7.3 offers more protection for your applications. Improvements include the additional option of Digest Authentication for CallHTTP interface in UniBasic. Digest Authentication protocol provides a more secure method of authenticating HTTP calls than basic authentication.


U2 Dynamic Objects (UDO) provide an easier way to exchange data with web services through UniBasic and allows you to easily provide or consume data in JSON format through the creation of a UDO object.

High Availability

This new version of UniData increases your options for keeping your applications available. You can replicate your data to a SQL database in addition to keeping your data safely stored in UniData, and replication using the External Database Access (EDA) feature is now available. Store your data in UniData and it is simultaneously replicated to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or IBM DB2. Use the replicated database for data-mining or reporting while you use UniData as your production workhorse.


UniData 7.3 is even better at interoperating with the SQL world. With the new U2 Metadata Manager (U2 MDM) you can use many SQL based tools to access and manipulate your data while preserving your investment in your application. U2 MDM performs two important functions:

  • Generates and maintains metadata that defines your data and makes access from SQL-based tools a snap. MDM generates the basic map of the data for you. Then it's just a matter of fine-tuning the generated map to your specifications.
  • Enables data-type enforcement to makes sure your data is in the right format before being stored in the database
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