UniVerse v11.2 Public Beta - Personal Edition

Rocket is happy to announce its first ever public beta for UniVerse v11.2. As Rocket Software's first public beta, this will be a learning experience. Rocket Software will use this experience to shape how they conduct subsequent public betas.

This will be a Personal Edition, so while it won't enable you to play with all the new features currently being tested in our private beta, you will get to see some significant new additions. It has the same restrictions of our regular personal edition that can be found here: http://www.rocketsoftware.com/products/rocket-universe/try-now

So, before I mention the new features, some quick housekeeping. While we learn about how much interest a public beta will generate, we want to prevent overwhelming our support team as to not affect customers. To this end, will accept bugs and regressions via our u2support@rs.com email channel with the following guidelines:

  1. All issues submitted to u2support@rs.com need to have the subject "UniVerse v11.2 Public Beta"
  2. Rocket requires any regressions not associated with new features to be confirmed not to exist in the current UniVerse v11.1 Personal Edition
  3. Rocket will record issues sent in via a bug tracking system, but will not respond to the reporter unless further clarification is required.
    Some of the new features you can expect to see UniVerse v11.2 (that you can play with in the Personal Edition) are:
    1) Local subroutines & functions
    2) Additions to XDOM, such as XDOMQuery
    3) XML support in U2 Dynamic Objects
  4. Compiler DEFINES to enable condition compile basic on database type and version
  5. 64-bit Windows Port
  6. SHA-256 support
    stat = DIGEST("SHA256",data,DATA__STRING,result)
  7. nbasic returns exit code 1 for success, 0 for failure
  8. New compiler directive $DIM.IN.SUB to support redimensioning in subroutines
  9. CLEARCOMMON /named/ now supported.

Note: As mentioned before, this is only a subset of the new features that will be released for UniVerse v11.2. Keep a look out for the official release of UniVerse v11.2 later this year were you can find out everything!

Downloads for Windows Personal Edition:
32bit PE: https://myshare.rocketsoftware.com/myshare/d/0FECA68828544D92B2F6322EDE56E154
64bit PE: https://myshare.rocketsoftware.com/myshare/d/ADD04F9D82F44182B6983E7DBDE4849C

Part of our private beta documentation to help with local subroutines, XDOM changes and XML support in U2 Dynamic Objects:
PDF: https://myshare.rocketsoftware.com/myshare/d/D71648D5C05E4BBD8A5A36C830CEF3B1

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