Rocket Software Completes Acquisition of MultiValue Database Business from TigerLogic

Rocket Software announces that it has completed the acquisition of the MultiValue database business from TigerLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: TIGR). Rocket welcomes this new team, based in Irvine, California, to the global family of Rocketeers.

Andy Youniss, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rocket Software, says, "We have a very large customer base asking us to help them with solutions that are not dependent on relational database technology. MultiValue is a unique, NoSQL database technology that is perfect for today - it is technically excellent, cost-effective, and easy to deploy and run. We made our first acquisition in this space four years ago, and today's acquisition further reinforces our commitment to this technology, our partners whose solutions depend on our technology, and customers that rely on those applications to run their businesses.

"We are also excited to announce that the team that develops, supports, and sells these database products has joined Rocket. We plan to invest in this team and this technology as we grow our MultiValue database business. We want to especially welcome our new customers and partners — we look forward to supporting each of you and helping you achieve even more success."

Rocket Software

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