Rocket Software releases SB+ and SBClient 5.5.4

SB+ and SBClient v5.5.4 has been released. This release is available for the following minimum database levels: UniData 7.1, UniVerse 10.2

  • In previous versions, SBZ file transfers in SBClient sometimes failed in Binary and Hex mode. This happened on a UniData-on-Windows platform.
  • In previous versions, the TU.LAUNCH.APP process failed when using SBClient on Windows 7. This happened because the process was trying to update a registry key for which it did not have permissions.
  • In previous versions, SBClient crashed if you chose File>Save Configuration As and then clicked Cancel on the subsequent dialog box. If you then chose File>Exit All, the client crashed.
  • In version 5.5.3, an ActiveX control caused SBClient to fail.
  • In recent versions, SBClient did not properly save the Join Lines and Append CR settings on the clipboard setup.
  • In previous versions, SBClient would not function correctly with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook. The 64-bit version of the MAPIBridge component was added to the SBClient v5.5.4 product CD. Installing this component on the client enables communication with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook.
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