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Rocket UniVerse Now Supports Python

Update enhances reliability and simplifies compliance

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Release Date: Monday, December 19, 2016

Rocket Software announced that the Rocket® UniVerse application platform now includes support for the popular Python programming language. Other user-requested features include enhanced replication for high availability and disaster recovery, as well as streamlined audit logging to automate compliance documentation for regulations and standards such as HIPAA and PCI.

UniVerse is a fast, flexible database and application platform that mimics the way users think, accelerating the creation of data-driven applications in manufacturing, retail, and financial sectors, among others. Long known for its small administrative and IT footprint, UniVerse offers users lightning fast data access in an increasingly data-driven world.

The addition of native Python support opens UniVerse development to a new generation of programmers versed in open source language and tools, making it easier to hire qualified engineers and developers.

"Our customers have told us that attracting and retaining developers can be a challenge," stated John Bramley, VP of Application Platforms at Rocket Software. "We extended our application programming capabilities to streamline coding, take advantage of third-party tools, and tap into the large development community that is already fluent in Python."

Audit Logging helps organizations document compliance with tax and federal regulations by tracking all steps taken using UniVerse through a new streamlined audit architecture. In addition to aiding compliance with industry-specific regulations and standards, companies can use audit logs as a critical component of a risk management strategy to prevent potential problems before they occur and proactively identify potential fraud. Enhanced replication capabilities offer robust disaster recovery options to ensure organizations address increasing demands to protect critical information and prevent catastrophic data losses.

"With UniVerse and its enhanced replication, we have peace of mind for our support and development departments knowing that we don't have to spend unknown hours fixing unknown amounts of file corruption," said Ryan Odgers, IT Manager at OUTsurance Insurance. "We can now quickly and easily create a replica, saving us $30,000 a month in hardware support costs that we currently have to pay."


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About Rocket Software

Rocket Software is a global software development firm that builds and services Enterprise Infrastructure products for the world’s leading OEMs, networks and software companies and enterprises. The company’s current lines of business complement and extend strategic OEM offerings in the areas of database, business intelligence, storage, networks and telecom, terminal emulation and FTP, integration, modernization and SOA, and security. Rocket is engaged in business and technology partnerships with IBM, EMC/RSA, HP/EDS, Nortel, Motorola, and many others. Rocket Software is based in Newton, Massachusetts.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.rocketsoftware.com

About UniVerse

Fast and Flexiblefor the Enterprise.

Modern data. Managed.

UniVerse is an extended relational data server optimized for embedding in vertical applications. UniVerse offers a nested relational (MultiValue) data model , with NoSQL access to data, means intuitive data modeling and fewer resulting tables.

Product Highlights:

  • Delivers high performance to business solutions through super-efficient database structures
  • Speeds your time to market while providing a lower total cost of ownership
  • Advanced management with audit logging and account-based licensing
  • Protects your data and provides around-the-clock availability to your enterprise application
  • Integrates easily with third party software and external data sources

Emerging Technology:

U2 MetaData Manager (U2MDM), a user-friendly tool, quickly and easily builds and maintains mappings for your SQL tools accessing UniVerse.

For more information, visit http:/​/​www.rocketsoftware.com/​products/​rocket-​universe

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