From The Inside November/December 2011

Happy Holidays to all!

It's the end of the year — time to relax, family enjoyment, gift giving, and time to start planning for the year 2012.

Now that 2012 is just around the corner, it's time for me to start talking about what is coming. The International Spectrum Conference and Exhibition 2012 is in Florida on April 2nd-5th. That is less than four months away.

Have you taken a look at the conference details yet? If not, please do ( You'll find many informative sessions that you won't want to miss. You will also find on the conference web site some documents and materials to help you justify attending the 2012 conference to your management. Look through the materials in the "Why Attend?" section to see sample Trip reports, Letter to the Manager, and other information to help out.

There will be a webinar on January 19th that will talk about what is going on at the conference this year. It will also provide you information to help you justify coming to the conference.

We will be providing the "Group Pass" again this year. The "Group Pass" allows up to five people from the same organization to attend the conference for an average of $400 a person. Since the "Group Pass" gives you access to the full week, you can have company employees attend a few days, and then send another group of people for another few days. This way you don't have your whole IT department gone at the same time, and you still get the advantage of educating as many of your staff as you can.

To find out more on the 2012 Conference, go to the following web site:

Watch for the Conference Brochure, which should be landing on your desk soon. There will be more helpful information provided in it as well.

Nathan Rector

Nathan Rector, President of International Spectrum, has been in the MultiValue marketplace as a consultant, author, and presenter since 1992. As a consultant, Nathan specialized in integrating MultiValue applications with other devices and non-MultiValue data, structures, and applications into existing MultiValue databases. During that time, Nathan worked with PDA, Mobile Device, Handheld scanners, POS, and other manufacturing and distribution interfaces.

In 2006, Nathan purchased International Spectrum Magazine and Conference and has been working with the MultiValue Community to expand its reach into current technologies and markets. During this time he has been providing mentorship training to people converting Console Applications (Green Screen/Text Driven) to GUI (Graphical User Interfaces), Mobile, and Web. He has also been working with new developers to the MultiValue Marketplace to train them in how MultiValue works and acts, as well as how it differs from the traditional Relational Database Model (SQL).

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Nov/Dec 2011