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D3 Developer - Louisiana


DBMS Inc. is a provider of POS/Retail Management Solutions in the Hardware/Lumber/Feed & Seed/Home Center etc. market space and have been for over 28 years..

We are in need of an accomplished D3/Linux analyst, developer/coder to join our team with a goal of long term leadership in those areas as some of our development team retires.

We are searching for someone who still has many working years left, but is looking to get the last job they will ever have. If, for no other reason, only because they are self-motivated, more by accomplishment than money, desire a certain amount of schedule independence, and do not need constant supervision or oversight to get things done, and done right. They must be willing to take ownership like responsibility over their part of the business, be honest to a fault, and become a member of the DBMS family.

Some of our senior staff is approaching retirement, or at least, slow down, and we must plan for the future with new, younger blood to maintain and enhance our application product into the future based on the needs and requests of our customer base.

Remote is fine, but our company is strategically located in a low cost of living geographical area. This gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. As a result, compensation is in tune to our local area of Northwest Louisiana, just a few miles from Texas.

For additional information contact 318-635-0757

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